ETHOSYA run as a channel to contribute community wellbeing

grounded in the strengthening of human values


ETHOSYA is a Philanthropic Organization devoted to comprehensive social improvements

We turn donations and collaborations into integral social projects targeting the improvement of the social human birth and the structural wellbeing of small towns. We take on a wholistic approach,

focusing our efforts and resources on one community at a time.

Our name is inspired by ETHOS which means “dwelling,” the root of the word “Ethics,” in the sense of having the necessary “character” to live well.

Our Impact

We work on two major MODEL EXPERIENCE initiatives: one is based on the integration of programs as a path toward a specific, long-lasting progress; the other one is founded on an educational transformation toward a dignified and full sociocultural birth.

We add the contribution of professionals, volunteers and organizations from around the world, as well as resources, to the knowledge and capability of a disadvantaged community, with the goal of implementing interrelated improvement programs based on their own culture: 

Our team provides human and technical assistance to the community where the Project is applied, bringing advances based on its own customs and respecting its culture.

We develop comprehensive self-improvement programs and activities on nutrition, prevention and effective support, from the moment of pregnancy until the child reaches adulthood.

We work on an integral educational improvement proposal that prioritizes the cultivation of humanity, creativity and education from a new multidisciplinary outlook.

We provide advice, support and coordinate several projects from within the community social core in order to generate employment and collaborate with micro-enterprises.

This proposal is integrally based on the comprehensive management of programs with sustainable criteria, ensuring the harmony between humanity and nature.

We work on training, creating networks and funding members of the community in a way that applies to their family environment and general coexistence environment. 

The first initiatives in terms of infrastructure are focused on providing the selected community with sustainable water and energy services.

We have designed a MODEL EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE that promotes joint learning. While it starts in a developed country, from which resources and knowledge are obtained, it is made available to the community where the integral Project is carried out.


Our proposal is to set up two related Model Schools – one in each region – that are fed mutually by resources, knowledge and training from an advanced economy.



Our premise is to invest in both Schools in equal amounts and quality simultaneously and while generating learning and professional and human exchange synergies toward a mutual benefit.



Our goal is to build an experience that allows us to reach a new educational System that is the result of the joint effort of various communities and encompasses the sociocultural birth –of the BEING and of KNOWLEDGE.


Improving the HUMAN birth is a matter that involves everyone

About us

Among those who conceived ETHOSYA, providing it with a name and place, we can mention its co-founders: its mentor; Verónica Medaura, Ph. D. (Professor and researcher with postgraduate studies, a Master’s degree and an international PhD on the subject); Mayra Lorena Velez (Entrepreneur with outstanding knowledge of her Ecuadorean home town and experience in four Latin American Countries); and Antonio Alé, B.A. (Professional with studies and international experience as a Marketing and Investment Consultant), all of them brought together with a single Mission: “To kick-start an experience that substantially improves the human and material quality of life of a specific community with the purpose of learning from a practical coexistence experience, while that community benefits from the fruit of a joint international effort.”

The team is composed of anyone that wishes to participate

Our commitment

To perform specific actions toward the accomplishment of the proposed programs, by means of collaborative and strategic alliances that allow us to boost the impact of our efforts and accelerate the emergence of positive changes, until a comprehensive, systemic and sustainable improvement is achieved based on seven fundamental pillars:

We dedicate our greatest efforts toward getting societies to start truly prioritizing children, and working on the management and resolution of conflicts.

We work toward the generation of healthy habits since early childhood, reinforcing the programs with the care of adults and families with the purpose of improving their quality of life and that of their community as a whole.

We have designed an innovative project that proposes transcendent changes to the educational system, with the purpose of adapting it to different cultures, with clear, inclusive and altruistic goals. 

We prioritize values that involve the harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature, and we believe in the capacity to evolve without harming ourselves as a species, nor our environment, and even finding mutual benefits.

We focus our efforts on collaborating with every member of a community, so that they discover their skills and enjoyment in relation to an activity, making it an occupation that goes beyond the mere subsistence.

We contribute to the sharing of knowledge and resources geared toward the improvement of the environment and the living conditions of a community that accepts and welcomes our contribution to its progress and wellbeing.

We provide infrastructural support, starting with that which pertains to health, educational and living advances, until an integral improvement is accomplished.

ETHOSYA in action

The first region that was selected is the Province of Guayas (Ecuador); more specifically ISLA DE PUNÁ, which is in the Gulf of Guayaquil. Field studies have already been performed and work on the initial Projects has begun, which are related to providing nutritional assistance to children, and the volunteer work of teachers to provide educational support, as well as the assistance of foreign medics. The procurement of funds with the goal of providing the island with potable water has also started.

Entrepreneurship in Puná
Ethosya Ecuador
Field study in Puná
Health care Center
Trip to Puná
Collaboration agreement

How can you collaborate?

Join the efforts as a collaborator or volunteer 

Anyone, whether close or far from the region, can be a part of this proposed shift in the paradigm 

Become a

 professional services  


We invite specialists from all fields – specifically, education, medicine and healthcare – to join and collaborate

Become a financial partner and support social changes

Harnessing the power of philanthropic capital into long-scale investment to improve thousands of lives in a community



Social Improvements

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