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Whoever agrees with us in that it is the strength of character, as an indispensable human virtue, the one that guides us in the recognition of what is good for oneself, for our equals, and for the environment, will find a home in ETHOSYA.

Far from naïve propositions, and even from technicalities or rivalries between legal or moral supremacies, our conviction aims to seriously and deeply question the nature of our freedom… 

One of the fundamental pillars this Work rests on is generating a space where conflicts are managed and steered toward a good resolution, instead of being encouraged or significantly profiting from them. Laws prevailing as a frame of reference to be abided, while accepting that the complexity and nature of that freedom will be hardly human if it only understands rigid and automated guidelines that are blind to that reality.

Healthcare as a whole is another fundamental pillar widely related to living well. Its holistic and planned undertaking, addressing the emotional and the physical nourishment in equal parts, followed by the prevention of illnesses and their treatment, is another cornerstone of this Project. 

At ETHOSYA we propose an integral and integrated structural reevaluation, which is why we insist on comprehensively addressing it one community at a time. As part of this new outlook, we propose two major basic distinctions. The first one, in regard to a shift in the way funding is approached, where a priority is given to the “Human Birth”; then, specific proposals to discourage profit over the primary needs of the general population.



EVERYTHING EDUCATES. From the outlook of this maxim, the need for humanized systems is the first link and message that any serious proposal should contain if it intends to improve our human coexistence. In turn, if the only beings that are capable of passing on humanity to others are us humans, it is to be expected that the main goal and primary purpose of all exalted and desirable Educational Systems is headed in that direction.

Driven by this conviction, it is easy to understand that one of the greatest challenges undertaken by ETHOSYA is focused on education. This turns it into another of the main foundational axes of the Project, offering a new look in regard to the formal systems as we know them. An innovative proposal, making its way from its own roots, demonstrating that a human, open, inclusive, creative and integral education is possible when the path that one wishes and decides to walk is clear.

The Matrix System proposed by ETHOSYA includes the fields of Ethics, Health and Education as the main bases for accomplishing a dignified human Birth from everyone, as well as the integral development of adult personas in all of their expressions and sensitivities. The possibility to attain this is strictly related to the fostering of Work, the Community and Production – fields that composed the Sustainability System.

All the areas find their cohesion and deployment in a Management and General Coordination area whose foundational objective is to agree on goals and interests (common and conflicting) until the accomplishment of a beneficial progress and wellbeing for the community as a whole, and for each of its members, is encouraged. Within this process, the guiding principle is doing it with respect, care and the preservation of the environment, decidedly contributing, and even resorting to, all known – and yet to be known – means to let us revitalize and improve it.


The Sustainability System emerges with a basis on the ability to generate activity and the exercise of a dignifying work for all active members of the community. All initiatives that promote its encouragement and expansion will be considered to be a priority in terms of acceptance within the Project.

Any idea of a subsidy is reformulated at ETHOSYA toward the creation of dignified spaces where a human activity that promotes a purpose, beyond that of the mere economic sustenance, can be performed. In this regard, our proposal is to foster all efforts aimed at constructing and enabling work that gives the opportunity to exercise his or her tastes and passions to each member of the Community, while obtaining tangible and intangible benefits that can only have a non-transferrable personal value.

Communities are inextricable expressions of the members that compose them. If those members manage to deploy a humanity that is capable of living well, the Community as a whole will accomplish this along with them. Far from implying dichotomies, the wellbeing of individuals and their Community is mutually constituent and supplementary.

For its part, if the first step toward building autonomy and responsibility (as the sides of a coin that we will metaphorically call ‘Freedom’) starts by being “born Human,” at ETHOSYA we take this priority as a starting point that implies a basis for any other. A foundation as communitarian as individual, fundamentally constituting any initiative, and in particular, one such as that which is proposed by this Project.





In nature, as much as in any human activity, processes are expansive. Accomplishing a System that fosters this expansion in a way that is responsible toward those around us and the environment, implies the only possibility and guide for nurturing and funding a System that has noble principles.

At ETHOSYA development is conceived as territorial progress that is dependent on the will and capabilities of local stakeholders, bestowing a value to their potentialities and providing them with the necessary elements to reach new and better knowledge and abilities. An endogenous evolutionary development of communities, thought out as a dynamic process that is constructed and flows, with their culture as a basis, toward a joint learning experience.

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