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ETHOSYA is a Philanthropic Organization devoted to social improvements in communities.

We turn donations into integral social projects targeting the improvement of the sociocultural birth and the structural wellbeing of small towns. We take on a wholistic approach, focusing our efforts and resources on one community at a time.


Human beings have two types of births. We are physiologically and naturally born out of a mother’s womb, and, from a human perspective, out of a social and cultural womb. If no one can become a “Human” by him or herself, that means that in order for EVERYONE to be born as true humans we need to start, at the very least, from a dignified sociocultural birth.

ETHOSYA has been conceived out of the strength of that aspirational framework: an amazing group of people combining their efforts and resources toward the wellbeing of a harmonious community life with a focus on the integral improvement of the Human Birth. 

The name is inspired by ETHOS (from the ancient Greek) which means “dwelling,” the root of the word “Ethics,” in the sense of having the necessary “character” to live well.

ETHOSYA emerges as an opportunity to build together “a world in which the art of living well is possible.”

Develop and build momentum for a platform that brings together knowledge and resources from all realms of knowledge and places in the world with the purpose of contributing toward improving the Integral Human Growth and overall wellbeing, putting it into practice in one specific community at a time.

There are efforts, deeds, collaborations and initiatives all over the globe of all kinds and levels of intensity that have patiently and significantly contributed toward the improvement of our community life. However, the challenge of emulating Mother Nature in its magnificent evolution, bestowing us with an extraordinary physiological birth (where the human being has also done its part to improve it), is still long overdue in relation to the birth that makes us truly HUMAN. This is the great debt that, among so many scientific, technological and even social advances, is still due by the freest beings on this planet.

We are aware that intending to address an issue of these characteristics and complexity at a global scale would be, at the very least, branded as a utopic yearning, but could the same be said about addressing it in a small scale that can be replicated…?



ETHOSYA is a well-studied and committed response; passionate about taking part in a challenge such as this one. 

Instead of uncoordinated efforts and initiatives, our platform aims to integrate knowledge and resources from around the world to build, from the cultural heart of a Community (especially those located in emerging or disadvantaged regions), a progress that blooms out of its own roots, starting by a dignified communitarian Human Birth.

While our long-term goal is to contribute to the largest possible number of communities in the world, we firmly believe in the need to advance one community at a time. The foundational Project proposes the emergence of two Systems: one called Matrix and another related to Sustainability. As its name implies, the former has been conceived to tend to the “Human Birth,” while the latter will have the purpose of funding it; as well as doing its part for the integral progress and overall wellbeing of the community.



At ETHOSYA the “Human Birth” stems from the affective and physical attention and care of pregnant women until the human being that is born reaches adulthood. The implications, improvements and challenges that an initiative of such scope represents is what posits a structural shift that is only plausible at the scale of a critical mass that is adequate for its implementation.

The importance of education in this regard is crucial, which is why at ETHOSYA we have developed an Educational System that is significantly innovative in order to support it. A new System that even encourages rethinking the legal age toward another, more altruistic, option.

Performing the full experience – one community at a time – is the way in which resources and efforts can be brought together to accomplish such an ambitious goal. Capturing and nourishing social, scientific and technological learning experiences based on a practical undertaking such as the one proposed under this terms should result in tangible benefits for that specific Community, while the rest of humanity and the planet are nurtured by it. 

After many years of studying and designing a detailed plan, nurtured by the highest philosophical, scientific, technical and human knowledge that its mentor has been able to access for over twenty years, the Proposal starts to gain ground.

Along with the creation of this virtual platform and all communicational, collaborative and constructive processes it is triggering, the Communities with the most suitable characteristics to set it in motion have started to be explored.

Thanks to the great commitment of a native from the “El Empalme” region – in Guayaquil (Ecuador) – this has become the first Community to be selected as a starting point. The first few actions and exploratory and field researches in the area are currently underway. We are currently undergoing the first stage of cultural appraisal and contacts for deliberation with the purpose of setting the project in motion. 





ETHOSYA is a Community in itself. Its team is composed of all those who identify themselves with the Work and get involved in it. Philosophers, thinkers, farm workers, teachers, students, workers, scholars, businessmen, governors, professionals, artists, young people, adults or the elderly… are a part of our Team.

It is even composed of those who provided their knowledge or brilliance toward human, and the planet’s, wellbeing in any way, including those who have physically left us long ago...


Among those who conceived ETHOSYA, providing it with a name and place, we can mention its co-founders: its mentor; Verónica Medaura, Ph. D. –President & Research Director- (University professor and researcher with postgraduate studies, a Master’s degree and an international PhD on the subject); Mayra Lorena Velez –Regional Manager & Board of Director Member- (Entrepreneur with outstanding knowledge of her Ecuadorean home town and experience in four Latin American Countries); and Antonio Alé, B.A. -C.E.O. & Board Member- (Professional with studies and international experience as a Marketing and Investment Consultant), all of them brought together with a single Mission: “foster wellbeing and the integral progress in disadvantaged communities; specifically in emerging countries, nurturing of learning experiences at all levels and actively prioritizing the cultivation of humanity.” 

In order to face a Mission of such important characteristics, the Organization has been developed as an Action/Research Team that is based on the following foundations:

  • Become a nexus, a flow, where the cultivation of humanity is a priority / ETHOX 

  • Discover virtuous patterns worthy of being replicated / FRACTHOS

  • Respect each culture in its complexity and endogenous evolution / COMPLEXOS

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