For those of us who have embarked on a challenge as encompassing as ETHOSYA, being the first to commit our own resources, time and knowledge for its preparation and execution (with no funding whatsoever), it is clear that the ways in which we sustain it are as important as the Work itself. In fact, they also constitute a part of it and become fertile land to give it life.

All of the initiatives chosen to provide it with a tangible and intangible sustainability lead us to re-think the link between humans and material things.



How much we transmit…

How much we pass on…

How much humanity we are able to cultivate…


Our invitation implies setting off on a road of mutual commitment and recognition. Getting to know each other, enjoy each other, understand each other… both in our beautiful diversity and in our major similarities, as well as in our various reasons, as we contribute together toward our own and others’ wellbeing, even when they have different dimensions and intensities.

As an Organization focused on designing, deploying and executing both first and third-party Projects in an integral and integrated manner for the betterment of the sociocultural birth and the general wellbeing of an entire Community at a time, we have moved FORWARD with the celebration of a collaboration agreement with the Center for Prospective Studies of Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (CEP – Faculty of Political Sciences – U.N.C.) and its associated international networks.

In addition to this, we have started performing field studies on the first selected region (El Empalme, Ecuador) which includes meetings with authorities, neighbors, professionals, businessmen, etc., to start working on specific actions and collaborations.




As a part of the general, integral and permanent development of the Organization and its research contributions, multi and trans-disciplinary prospective studies teams are being created (for the design of short, mid and long-term scenarios of future strategic planning). 

The participation in, collaboration with, and celebration of national and international Congresses, Conventions and Conferences (Spain, USA, Argentina, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Colombia; with sights on Ibero-America within the framework of the signed agreements) has begun, as well as the integration in Research Projects funded by multilateral Organizations.

"Deficits or excesses in child nutrition are linked to multiple factors of the environment in which the child lives since conception.” This is what is literally stated by Foundations as important as CONIN (Corporation for Child Nutrition), in addition to another significant claim: “the only mental incapacity that can be prevented and reverted – the only one created by man – is that of the famished.”

Working in conjunction with professionals and organizations that have given so much to humanity in this regard is one of our most important desires. Offering their Work, knowledge and advances in the field is the cornerstone of our initiatives in each Community where our efforts are deployed. 


Human Birth


Among the first actions of this Work we can find the creation and deployment of a Childhood Center in the Community of El Empalme (Guayaquil, Ecuador).


We have finished researching the international organizations with the longest and proven track record in the field. We are currently working on, and exploring, alternatives with the selected Organization, as well as contacting capable and committed professionals and volunteers within the Community with the purpose of getting involved in its co-founding and continuance. 

Its exploratory stage has been a part of the first four years of the development of the general Proposal. The foundational guidelines for a new, absolutely innovative Educational System are outlined. While it is founded on the study and selection of result-based good practices worldwide, it brings great innovations and incorporates variables and creative means to interrelate with the ones in existence today.

At the time, interdisciplinary consults and meetings with the institutional heads of education (both public and private) in various regions and cultures are being carried out with the purpose of overviewing criteria and making the necessary adjustments for its execution. In order to come to fruition, it will require support in various forms. From its infrastructure, all the way through modification proposals for the evaluation system, to the suggestion of new roles that were previously set in stone. The initiative will require an undying commitment by all stakeholders, as well as the need to be strengthened at the roots of the Community as a whole. 


Events &


One of our greatest desires is to generate infinite synergies. While resources are necessary for any work, whether large or small, it is also true that there are contributions that are merely material elements, and others that are altruistic. 

In order to be in line with those that are altruistic, we are currently planning regional events, as well as – and in particular – events in cities of developed economies that wish to get involved in comprehensively enhancing a Community that is less favored than theirs. The planned events have a wide array of subjects and scopes. 

Both specialists and reports by the most renown international organizations in the field agree that most of the secret for the success of a development that leads to progress and wellbeing lies in the possibility of deploying an active interaction capability between that which is local, that which is regional, and that which is global. In addition, they stress the fact that that endogenous nature of the process is fully compatible with the existence of a material basis that is considerably exogenous. That is to say, the fact that its initiatives are taken into account and others from different sources are made available strengthens the purpose of this Proposal.


Caring for 

our Home

In the field surveys performed at various communities with the potential to be the target of the efforts undertaken by ETHOSYA, we have been able to observe the nonexistent practice of responsible and institutionalized recycling.

Furthermore, this limited practice and its resulting low level of awareness, in addition to worsening an unfortunate damage to the environment, perpetuates the minimal or nonexistent harnessing of waste, both as energy and as a productive transformation.

One of the most important Projects on the works is related to this issue. Recycling endeavors of different sizes are being detected around the world, which can be brought to the selected Community. Moreover, an agreement with local authorities for the implementation of the most appropriate systems for its processing and implementation is underway. 


There are coincidences across all realms about the generalized importance that has been noticed in relation to the fundamental contribution of small and medium-sized companies as a means to promote work and opportunities.

For the spirit of the Work promoted by ETHOSYA, human labor is considered to be a fundamental link in the “art of living well.” This implies accepting that the tasks performed have a value that is much deeper than the mere material sustenance. This is an aspect that is given a significant importance within the Project, since it is considered as a means to dignify beyond any other consideration. Therefore, it is one of the greatest focuses for action in regard to initiatives that foster its generation, as well as their necessary adjustment until it becomes a true source of wellbeing and a purpose for a meaningful life.


Support our


The initiative that involves offering support to small entrepreneurs implies getting fully involved at the very heart of the overall Project. Supporting an entrepreneur in the Community directly has implications that go beyond any necessary material contribution.

The commitment is getting humanly involved. This is a prime example of what aspirational synergies are about. Jointly generating contacts, providing assistance and advice at the beginning, designing and rethinking strategies… Developing human relationships by means of an endeavor that starts by becoming a dignified work for whoever starts working on it, until it advances and becomes a responsible generator of more jobs, while producing goods or services that contribute to the community’s wellbeing.

If a Community can be defined as a collective of individuals related to each other by common characteristics or interests, ETHOSYA can be seen as one that has a genuine, decisive and noble common interest: “to bring together community efforts to foster a sustainable wellbeing, one Community at a time.” 

When referring to ‘one Community at a time’, in principle, we are talking about realistic and feasible objectives. As a starting point, we are considering that the division into nations that is accepted across the globe implies a cultural recognition that is particular to each of them. When considered this way, the initiative posits selecting one Community, at most, per country, thereby focusing the efforts on that collective, related to that culture, so that, in this way, we can move forward in different countries once we have the resources and political resolve to start the project on other Communities. 



with us

By travelling, we let that humanity that can never be fulfilled by mere economic collaborations spiritually soar. It implies one of the greatest human contributions to the deep knowledge and understanding of realities that are so similar, yet so different…

The planned travels include those places where the Project takes place, as well as other destinations that show interest in collaborating with the Work or initiatives in any form. A long list of attractive and plural schedules and themes will gradually be incorporated in time, and progressively be published on the platform. 

As with every great Project – and specifically for one that has these characteristics – an adequate structure is crucial. And even more so, the matter of how to finance the required structural unfolding, with attention to the source, the transparency and the management of the essential funds to do so, presents an extra and indisputable challenge.

Just like an initiative such as ETHOSYA strives for obtaining resources from the vast number of organizations that, around the globe, seek to accomplish social improvements from the so-called ‘third sector’, succeeding in luring productive and infrastructure investments implies acknowledging the existence of an even greater dilemma. Far from competing, or from considering the matter as a zero-sum game, this Work aims precisely toward a much more proactive and eclectic position. Among the myriad of possibilities, there is an option where everyone involved obtains a valuable benefit – and that is what we intend to accomplish. 


Social & Structural


These types of investments, which may stem both from independent contributions and for those of governments or international development organizations, are the ones that are necessary to address the funding of infrastructure and more significant productive programs. Organizational and investment decisions are also included among them, and, by choosing the Community as the target of productive funds, they are contributing toward its progress and wellbeing.

For the case of productive investments, a fixed percentage of these is to be considered as a contribution to the local infrastructure. In line with this, it is a must to review the ethical background in relation to the way in which every organization acts, among the ones that show interest in carrying out their activities within the scope of the Project. This transparency is a guideline for all processes, where anything from the first contact to the persons involved in them is recorded. In addition, all proposals that are studied for implementation should involve a traceability that can be consulted by any interested party upon request.


Undertaking actions within a full and complex experience such as the one that is proposed by this platform represents in itself a unique opportunity to perform field studies, as well as the possibility of studying, examining, relating or refuting existent theories, while new ones are generated. A necessary harmony between theory and practice is adopted, and while this contributes to the general wellbeing, it contributes toward the evolution of human knowledge. 

With the purpose of deploying this aspirational axis, we are contacting the most diverse research and development centers in various countries with the purpose of inviting them to be a part of this common Project.


Specifically in relation to the Research, in the broadest terms (holistic, and multi and trans-disciplinary; and in line with the premises of integrity and integrality that encompasses the entire Proposal), it has been organized into three major topics.

This initiative also represents an effort toward the management of the various lines of research in a way that accomplishes an objective of these characteristics. The three groups, which have been assigned a name that represents their respective Vision, has resulted – as we understand it – in an innovative and interesting way to integrated the different fields of knowledge with the purpose of exploring, from a new perspective, a dynamic such as the one that is being suggested.



Instead of deploying various lines of research following traditional steps in the categorization of fields of knowledge, or even of theories developed as part of each of them, the suggestion here is to organize them as per the different Visions that converge in the general Vision of the Project.

To this end, we invite all researchers to be a part of its knowledge – and the theories in their field – without distinction in regard to academic fields, delving into the topics of their interest form a collaborational perspective that allows them to propose theses aimed at a human and sustainable development to be observed in specific field studies.

The next Vision, which composes the frame of the general one, is related to the possibility of discovering virtuous patterns in each of the disciplines and the professionals that are dedicated to them. More than focusing on mere contents, looking into discoveries and studies from diverse fields that imply a convergence of collaboration toward finding new common viewpoints, offering a better coexistence and general wellbeing. 

The greatest challenge in this regard, is possibly reflected in the educational Project. When faced with the goal of prioritizing a dignified, complete Human Birth, the need for consistent goals in the field of education is decisive, especially in regard to explicit or implicit messages that ultimately become patterns that are repeated throughout life, both for the individuals and for the Communities.






The most outstanding specialists in the field of development from the outlook of wellbeing, agree that certain basic characteristics, such as being local, human, sustainable and endogenous, are premises that are particularly desirable in order to accomplish it. In turn, they posit that these are phenomena that depend on a trajectory and are historically evolutionary; therefore, they are rarely uniform, highly decentralized and have a capillary dynamic.

A succinct report (in Spanish) has been provided on this platform which introduces more technical aspects for those that wish to study it. However, the purpose of this first approach is only to establish the acknowledgement of the complexity contained within these processes.

As can be assumed based on the first paragraph, the development of a region is strongly conditioned by the will and skill of local stakeholders, and therefore, by the possibility of acquiring knowledge and collaborations that allow them to evolve. 

Social Improvements

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