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Our Invitations

For those of us who have embarked on a challenge as encompassing as ETHOSYA, being the first to commit our own resources, time and knowledge for its preparation and execution (with no funding whatsoever), it is clear that the ways in which we sustain it are as important as the Work itself. In fact, they also constitute a part of it and become fertile land to give it life.

All of the initiatives chosen to provide it with a tangible and intangible sustainability lead us to re-think the link between humans and material things.

How much we transmit…

How much we pass on…

How much humanity we are able to cultivate…


Our invitation implies setting off on a road of mutual commitment and recognition. Getting to know each other, enjoy each other, understand each other… both in our beautiful diversity and in our major similarities, as well as in our various reasons, as we contribute together toward our own and others’ wellbeing, even when they have different dimensions and intensities.


At the time, the following actions are underway: Early childhood, education and health condition improvements have been given a priority. As you can see, some of them can be directly linked to their corresponding program, while most retro feed the various programs without any specific distinction between them.

Field study

-Community selection-

By exploring the Guayas region, and then meeting with neighbors, authorities and leaders, a collaboration agreement has finally been signed at Isla de Puná.

Cultural recognition

and exchange 

A process of visits to entrepreneurs, healthcare and educational centers is underway, was well as to a process that involves knowing the community, its history and its customs.

Joint early childhood healthcare 

We have designed a volunteer initiative for medics and nurses to collaborate with the personnel of the Healthcare Center in care and prevention, mainly targeted at young children.

Provision of 

clean water 

Teacher and instructor volunteer work

Through this platform and the activities that the team is carrying out, contact is made with professionals in order for them to provide support to both students and teachers.


The lack of basic services in the Island of Puná turns this into an urgent and priority initiative. We are currently working toward providing an integral solution on the matter.


For all the programs have been designed different kind of projects according their magnitude and importance. Some of them, such as educational innovation and clean energies, are in the track of preliminary presentation at international funding agencies for the magnitude of resources needed for their implementation.

New educational


This project proposes a new outlook on the education of children and teenagers, with free access and the highest human and instrumental educational quality.

recycling & reuse

of waste

Collaboration agreement has the purposes of starting recycling efforts and the actions toward transforming them into materials for the manufacturing of dwellings and compost.

Clean & Sustainable


We are brokering alliances and collaboration agreements with civil and government organizations for the provision of sustainable and affordable structural services.

Community & Tourist progress

Micro & social


Advice is being provided to local entrepreneurs. These actions will be boosted and accelerated once we have the resources and the support of professionals.


Services that increase the touristic allure and the ability of the community to progress are accomplished through improvements in education and healthcare. 


Undertaking actions within a full and complex experience such as the one that is proposed by this platform represents in itself a unique opportunity to perform field studies, as well as the possibility of studying, examining, relating or refuting existent theories, while new ones are generated.

As an Organization focused on designing, deploying and executing both first and third-party Projects in an integral and integrated manner for the betterment of the sociocultural birth and the general wellbeing of an entire Community at a time, we have moved FORWARD with the celebration of a collaboration agreement with the Center for Prospective Studies of Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (CEP – Faculty of Political Sciences – U.N.C.) and its associated international networks.




Specifically in relation to the Research, in the broadest terms (holistic, and multi and trans-disciplinary; and in line with the premises of integrity and integrality that encompasses the entire Proposal), it has been organized into three major topics: ETHOX – FRACTHOS – COMPLEXOS 


This initiative also represents an effort toward the management of the various lines of research in a way that accomplishes an objective of these characteristics. The three groups, which have been assigned a name that represents their respective Vision, has resulted – as we understand it – in an innovative and interesting way to integrated the different fields of knowledge with the purpose of exploring, from a new perspective, a dynamic such as the one that is being suggested.

Nexus in

cultivating humanity


Instead of deploying various lines of research following traditional steps in the categorization of fields of knowledge, or even of theories developed as part of each of them, the suggestion here is to organize them as per the different Visions that converge in the general Vision of the Project.

To this end, we invite all researchers to be a part of its knowledge – and the theories in their field – without distinction in regard to academic fields, delving into the topics of their interest form a collaborational perspective that allows them to propose theses aimed at a human and sustainable development to be observed in specific field studies.

The next Vision, which composes the frame of the general one, is related to the possibility of discovering virtuous patterns in each of the disciplines and the professionals that are dedicated to them. More than focusing on mere contents, looking into discoveries and studies from diverse fields that imply a convergence of collaboration toward finding new common viewpoints, offering a better coexistence and general wellbeing. 

The greatest challenge in this regard, is possibly reflected in the educational Project. When faced with the goal of prioritizing a dignified, complete Human Birth, the need for consistent goals in the field of education is decisive, especially in regard to explicit or implicit messages that ultimately become patterns that are repeated throughout life, both for the individuals and for the Communities.

Virtuous patterns worthy

of being replicated


Endogenous evolution

of each culture


The most outstanding specialists in the field of development from the outlook of wellbeing, agree that certain basic characteristics, such as being local, human, sustainable and endogenous, are premises that are particularly desirable in order to accomplish it. In turn, they posit that these are phenomena that depend on a trajectory and are historically evolutionary; therefore, they are rarely uniform, highly decentralized and have a capillary dynamic.

As can be assumed based on our studies, the development of a region is strongly conditioned by the will and skill of local stakeholders, and therefore, by the possibility of acquiring knowledge and collaborations that allow them to evolve. 

Social Improvements

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